Tuesday, May 22, 2012


After my beginning via creation I have been part of reincarnation, starting as a vertebrae until today I am a member of the insanity of humanity.
Along the way, at various stages of development as part of God's experiment,

I have been a bug, a slug, a crawling creature,  a flying screechier, a jellyfish without a feature, a bat, a rat,  a dog, a cat, a bit of this, a bit of that, a raccoon hat, a kitty cat---oops! I already mentioned that, but there are so many kinds of felines I might have been I can't recall them all.

I was once a donkey, a monkey, a mule, a slab of ham, a lamb who went to Sunday school, a lizard who drowned in a lake while eating a steak during an earthquake. For goodness sake! That could have been my Uncle Jake!

When you're a product of reincarnation you never know where you'll turn up next. You might turn up a turnip in a garden patch, a spud stuck in the mud, a reborn ear of corn or some other form of vegetation  because that's what reincarnation's  all about, Everything that grows  knows it is a gift of God that includes the sod, a Lilly pod, goldenrod, a rose, dust that tickles an allergic  nose, a bee that pollinates a flower. All are the result of reproductive duplication that began with creation.

All are different,  all the same. Life goes on playing the same recreation game. For better or for worse, the universe could end up in a hearse.


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