Tuesday, December 28, 2010


For the known first time in the history of labor, Santa Clause has been charged with breaking Federal laws regarding the hiring of illegal immigrants in the manufacture and distribution of a wide variety of patented instruments designed for use by children of all ages.

Included among these unregistered and totally uncontrolled duplicated weapons of war and that foster evil intent are look-alike weapons that encourage and inspire violence, racial and ethnic hatred among immature, mostly male members of an impoverished, illiterate, largely uneducated anti-social criminally driven segment of the street gang minority.

The children were indoctrinated in a belief not in the fairy tales of God, Santa and the Easter bunny, but in their right to rob, steal and claim ownership and priority over other people’s property.

Many of these kids grow up to be merchants of pornography, pimps or prostitutes, car jacker or Internet hackers, you name it, they’ll sell for it, go to hell for It.

Yet parents get one unanswerable question----Is there really a Santa and a God, or are they both frauds of commerce and criminality?


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