Monday, December 13, 2010


About three years ago I was living in Florida and my wife and I faced her inevitable cancer death.
We decided, when she passed away, I should sell our Florida condo and move to Indy to be near my son rather than the Florida sun.

The inevitable happened. The condo sold quickly and I moved to be near Larry in Indy where I lived until his work allowed him to transfer to Florida where we both now reside.

I now have both my son and the sun, the way Betty, my wife of more than 50 years, wanted it to be.

Now my son and I remain closer than ever, living with memories of the past and looking ahead to a happier life.

There are times when we miss the years in Indy and when we look forward to a hopefully long and happy future in the Sunshine State.

At 87, I will continue to blog as long as the future permits, am thankful that I have my son and daughter to comfort and care for me, my writing to challenge me and good health to bless me in my years ahead.

I want to thank bloggers everywhere who give me reason to continue my writings in the years ahead.

Thank you, one and all. ED (Wegads) WEILAND


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Nice! Nephew Joel

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