Thursday, December 16, 2010


Do you realize that God, the greatest creator of creation, set the pattern for the entire world’s civilization of people, beasts and at least a million other living, breathing creatures?

All are blessed as guests upon this vast Universe and have the same or similar abilities to see and hear, to eat and chew and do a lot of things that bring them all together as members of God’s uniquely different, but completely interrelated, far-flung members of His multiracial family.

Of course God, in His dedication to variation, conceived plans like DNA and genes and change to compensate for living and unanticipated existing climatic conditions even the Lord could not control. But His overall goal had to include the role of the soul and a whole lot of other rigmarole still in the planning stage for the future page of history and the mystery of how Planet Earth came to be the home, temporarily, as part of God’s unequaled creativity.

This must have been part of God’s strategy
of His plans for Humanity:

Create a universe of truth and consequence directed by humans with common sense and intelligence. Let events occur as times goes on and let mankind find solutions to wars and revolutions. Let crimes against humanity run their course until the good and right with all its might forces the blight of evil fade away.

Let sanity replace insanity, a mental menace never meant to be. Let disease be cured or disappear and let there be no fear to end the cheer and joy that will, hopefully, fill this sphere and all God’s creatures surviving here.

Let beasts of prey live out their day, then provide sustenance to aid the health of humanity. Let the universe be green to fill the scene with beauty and joy and assist the farmer’s crop to stop starvation plaguing nations begging for a better, more productive life, not one rife with hunger, early death and lingering poverty.

Let all mankind be blind to hate, maintain an open mind to find new avenues for the brain, exercise compassion for the insane and respect the wise who seek agreement and consent through rational, intelligent compromise.

In all relationships beware of slips of tongue and thought that distort and short-circuit views on the verge of convergent compromise.

Feelings are revealing in what may appear appealing in unexpected moments of stress, but defy the logic gone to waste in the haste of hurry to greater woe and worry at the end of an uncharted, hard hearted dead end road,

Listen to the mind more than to the heart and endless wars will never start. We all will survive until it is God’s desire that we expire or rise to a hire plane in His Heavenly Domain.

This is just a part of what God must have had in mind when He decided to create HUMANKIND.


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