Tuesday, December 28, 2010


What is money really for? For buying more at the corner store, for buying pills curing ills and paying doctor bills, for food to feed thousands in need and water fit to drink, to teach our young to learn and think and and ease the pain of seniors soon to die .

There are more uses for dollars and cents than paying rent and things like engagement and wedding rings, occasional marital flings, lawyer fees, child support and days in court and unanticipated complications caused by outlaw in-laws regarding visitation invitation situations at special family occasions.

When it comes to war we really find out what money should, but is not, important for---improving education, medication for millions uninsured in this nation, full employment or better compensation for those searching for work to do.
We can’t rely on elections to effect correction to the jobless situation. Nor a new administration to create occupations instantly to erase mistakes created by a previous head of straits. And a misleader who neither could or would admit his errors was a terror to the renovation of a nation left in ruins.

Isn’t it strange the Party of Change told the Party of where to go an that’s where they went after all our money was spent with obvious intent to begin a war we can’t win and will be lost at any cost.

Prattle, prattle, lose the battle, then criticize those who cannot win the Dubya booby prize while the spinner of lies and killer of thousands of GIs puts all the blame on President Obama, the Man of Change. Ain't that strange?


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