Saturday, April 16, 2005


Remember what happened in Germany, a once great democracy. Their economy was terrible. Conditions unbearable. No jobs. Inflation. A nation in despair. No indication there would ever be a turn around. That an answer would be found.

But a politician with mad ambition came to power with desire to devour all of Europe. In its place this mustached maniac with funny face created what he called the Master Race.

He spread hate and sealed the fate of millions and all who chose to disagree with the venom he preached endlessly. "I accuse the Jews," he said. Thousands fled. Six million dead. And all the good people said. "We are a democracy. It can't happen in Germany." But it did. That's history. Look it up, then insist it was a fantasy.

Now look at the U. S. A. and the way things are today. A little man with funny ears has spread fears among we who love democracy by his previous devious trickery. He came to his illegal power and within hours of his inauguration took this nation down a path to perdition to pursue his mission to destroy the Constitution and every freedom loving institution dedicated to protect the liberties he choose to reject His mind-set:.Terrorism is here to stay unless we do it all his way. He's a threat worse than the enemy. He's the menace you can bet we'll regret unless we say no more, no more.

You can't compare the U. S. with Germany. They're not the same, I agree. But the attitudes show a shocking similarity. Many of We and millions of They once regarded freedoms casually. We must cherish our rights or they will perish and then we'll have no rights at all. And we will fall.