Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Has the Republican Right nudged us bit by bit into the Twilight of Democracy? Did anyone suspect it with the so-called selection/election of an insurrection-driven president with dreams and schemes to rip the seams of the fabric of our nation? To tear apart the things that were the heart of our free and unfettered society.

Or did it start when baby Dubya was three sitting on his father's knee learning about the evils of democracy from family and the GOP? Was that how the leader we have now formed his views he would use his passion to refashion this land into what his vision thing envisioned it to be if he was sent to Washington as our precident-setting president?

Although we probably will never know the truth, neither does he. The brainwash of Bush was part of the legacy of the Texas dynasty that began long before he ever ran as a puppet of the GOP. As you'll recall, the smarty party started small to take control while the sleeping were as blind as bats.

From school boards to boardrooms of government and industry, slowly the GOP asserted its authority, from local seats of power to state posts where it mattered most. They forged a political machine like one seldom seen in a free democracy.

Then came Bush, born loser, abuser and user of the power he inherited but never merited who, by hook and crook, took the vote that he had not and you know what was the result, an insult to our liberty.

But that "winning" was just the beginning. After raping most historic rights, working to pack the courts with his sort of judicial officials, emerging victorious in the face of a complacent left bereft of leadership, he's on a roll to win the soul and take control of the whole enchilada.

And now I'll make this projection: who will Republicans run at the next election? Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, of course.


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