Wednesday, November 02, 2005


If you seek justice in a maladjusted society you must be willing to adjust to the unjust justice that prevails. Like the rights of the luckless who live in jails, the details of your case will be based on scales that determine right from wrong which, in the long run, will depend on the one in charge of the trial and the style of the prosecution's elocution in presenting the inexact facts to the packed and stacked members of the jury.

In this land where you go along or go alone, it's known that those who own up to a crime, even though you and they know they are innocent, will face a future spent behind bars made of steel from recycled stolen cars and bombs exploded in foreign wars that still have traces of faces and unmentionable places of the anatomy of those who fought for justice in an unjust society.

If all hope is lost the final cost of those who just wanted justice from a stunted judiciary will be found at the end of a rope and buried in the bottom of a pit among the bits and pieces of an abandoned marble quarry.


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