Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Most Democratic Congressmen are wimps. some are political pimps who sell their support to Gods of frauds with power by those who cower to a precedent-setting president who's a resident by accident and court decree in the Mickey Mouse White House.

What Bush and Company do to undo years of laws and legislation, vital to the democratization of our Nation, is aided and abetted by Democrats in name only who sell constituents short to support a power hungry administration that can make or break them in the next election depending on the way things are going and winds of change are blowing. More likely than not, the GOP will still be hot at the ballot box. And even if it's not, so what! Stealing's an appealing alternative to those who live by the sword of the unspoken word.

Republicans have power. Some Democrats are shirt-tail riders. By playing patsy with insiders, who pull strings and do all sorts of things, they can win illegally what they've lost politically. If George can do it so can they. And do.

Politics is a game of shame in search of power and fame and wallets fat, but we won't talk about that. Just like storks bring babies, maybe Easter bunnies deliver funny money that makes life sunny for cook-the-books crooks.

There's just too much corruption, too little interruption of crap-shoot looting. Numbers arrested don't amount to a hill of beans as to what goes on behind the scenes where deals are hatched and backs are scratched, trades are made and you-give-me-and-I'll-give-you and that's how bills get through. And who gets screwed? YOU!


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