Monday, November 21, 2005


How could a minority of We the People have been so insane to elect a warped brain candidate of evil intent to become our president?

How could a man with an ego so immense that even though what he says and does makes no sense and represents an open invitation to annihilation and the eventual end to a civil civilization we, as a nation, are stuck with him for three more fearful years?

We have a president who thinks he can do no wrong, who goes along with any hair-brained view that says he can do anything he wants to do because You the People told him to. That in any war, legally or not, he's got the bully pulpit power to exercise his might, right or wrong.

No matter whether he wins or loses in the polls, has no goals or plans, and nothing he attempts pans out, he leaves no doubt, he's above the laws just because...well just because!

After all is said and done, wasn't Bush the one who won because he was chosen by that Commander on High to lead his children lo the Promised Land?


Anonymous Mary D said...

I wonder what Bush/Cheney's response will be to the Iraqis officials who are asking for a withdrawal timeline?

11:03 AM  

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