Sunday, November 13, 2005


I am a skeptic. I don't believe or disbelieve. I ask, relieve me of my doubt.Let the logic out. Be exact with your facts. Talk with tact, Skip theory. That doesn't interest me. I live in a world of reality where those who say they know say so. If you ask them how, they'll say just because that's the way it is now.

"His (meaning God) is the law that is," he'll say. But then he'll boost the Bible biz and quote some faker who says he met the maker of the maker. And when I ask, who is that? he'll say, "Hey! Hey! I've got you there! There's only one. The He who made a son with Mary, contrary to what you believe, that the only way woman can conceive is through sex.

God objects to doing that without wedded bliss and a virgin miss. Since Mary has a mate, God came too late and Joseph came to soon or not at all but it's said Joe and Mary had a ball before God had to come and spoil it all.

Now this is the old story I've been told and I think it's just one big spoof because there is no proof. To those who insist God existed I say, "Show me his birth certificate with time and place, race and name, his mom and pop and all that slop." You can't? Then I guess I shan't believe, by heck. I'm a skeptic.


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