Thursday, November 10, 2005


The Iraq war reminds me of a five-cent cigar: one puff and that's enough. Well, this war has had too many puffs.

The real problem's this: a chronic liar, a self-denier with fire in his ass but not his belly, is out to please his mom and daddy and prove their little laddie has the stuff to stomach endless killing willingly and thrillingly.

Let's admit it, George thinks in terms imperial where he is king and it's immaterial what the subjects say. He's a serial killer and is going to get his way.

The troops are the dupes who live and die at the whim of Him who lies and the gang of He's and a single She who are running this dying dynasty. They didn't have a clue that what they were about to do would do to me and you and millions more who knew the score, but were helpless to prevent what they would invent to justify the lie to set the scene for the Bush killing machine,

OK, they got their way. They had their day, They had their say. Now it's time to put the toys away and if there's got to be more ack-ack-ack, let it be Iraq against Iraq.

Let not another GI die to satisfy those who live the lie of a free Iraq or Middle East. At least, let all our dead rest in peace. Let the wounded, maimed and those still alive shamed by this misadventure venture forth into a life of worth and let this earth settle down to sanity and amity where all are free to control their own destiny.

The dead are dead. They died in Iraq. There is no turning back. Now the world must look ahead, No more dead. No more dead


Anonymous Mary said...

I love your writing style and your opinions too!

Makes me want to start writing again.

Thank you for that. Keep blogging!

11:55 AM  

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