Monday, November 07, 2005


Some people are defined with different kinds of minds. Others are absent minded. They misplaced their mind and they can't find it. A few I know have amnesia, a disease when ya can't remember who you are, where you parked your car, who lost the war that can't be won, can't be undone.

Then there are those everybody knows who count on their fingers and toes and use their nose for a decimal point. Their mind is out of joint.

Some, seniors or not, have senior moments, but that's OK. We all have those at least once a day. They finally recall all they forgot, but not on the spot. Nothing's wrong. Their memory's like a ping-pong ball. It bounces up and down, wanders to and fro. It rises and falls like bread dough or a winter snow.

Does the mind lose its concentration, go on a week's vacation, go up a creek before it decides to end its game of hide-and-seek? The mind can be an awful sneak. It can be weak for a week, then reach its peak, But enough of all this brainy stuff. Let's deal with Dubya whose empty head is one big bubbleya. He can't lose a mind he never had. Don't believe that? Ask his dad. He's not absent minded. His mind is absent and he has no mind to find it. He's more than a little bit illiterate. His mispronunciation frustration reveals his lack of edgycation.

His train of thought is off the track and won't come back. It's headed straight for Iraq, To be precise, this mentally deficient president eventually will crack up. Can we back up to when we had a president who was sinning a spot but was winning a lot?

Now all we've got is a pot of you know what.


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