Tuesday, November 15, 2005


How much longer must America swallow the disgorging of a man named George who claims to be our president. He's the resident of the White House, nothing more. When he leaves home it's to roam the nation with just one oration: honor our thousands who died for the cause of liberty, who gave their lives so we could stay free...all that blah and blather and raw hypocrisy.

Bush keeps talking about the mission he once boasted had been completed, crows our enemy has been defeated and repeats and repeats this lie while day by day more GIs die.

Finally, the nation's crying out against this sham by a damn fool man who is both dense and makes no sense and has committed more than one impeachable offense, who has triggered events that sent our brave to an early grave and gave him gratis temporary instant hero status.

Well, the president who wears no clothes now stands naked before millions who oppose his war and all he stands for. They agree Bush and the GOP are terrorists more fearful than those from Iraq, Iran and all the insurgents from the Arab lands.

If some in our incongruous Congress can't agree he poses a threat to democracy, the world must face its responsibility to all humanity. Let the World Court decide Bush can no longer hide behind the skirts of our High Court and the dictatorial rule of one party which, like its leader, has no soul and its only goal is total control.


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