Monday, November 28, 2005


Approaching eighty-four, I'm not looking for more or less. You can say yes, you can say no, you can say go slow or just no go. That's OK by me. I'm looking for what I hear and what I feel, not so much what I see but what seems real to me.

What I look for more and more is personality, morality, vitality of mind (not the other kind), a pride in individuality, active in a passive way, someone who has a sense of humor, is not obsessed with Hollywood rumor, the chatter from the Soap Opera/ Oprah set, not deep in debt or likes to smoke or bet.

Pride in well coifed, dyed beauty parlor hair, a sleek physique, hooked on the diet of the week is not the type I seek. One who paints or writes, stays up late at night, likes hot sun and simple fun, not popping pills or shopping for the latest frills, that's the gal for me.

Interested in peace and war, not the reigning tennis star, does not get her complexion from a jar, does not "look just like a movie star," that scores with me by far.

I'm just looking for a friend on whom I can depend, someone to stay with me, not play with me. We'll eat in or out, get about in wheelchair or cane, tour for sure sometimes Dutch treat, can't complain. If you still drive, that's OK. If not, we'll go the transit way. Comment to what extent you wish. Or just make contact and I'll react.

Now you know what I seek. See you next week?


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