Tuesday, November 22, 2005


It was unbelievable. The inconceivable had been achieved. No one ever believed it could happen but it did. It took ten million dead, two million maimed, six nations shamed. bankrupt economies and miseries from shore to shore and sea to sea, but when it all was over, as predicted, the afflicted would be cured, the convicted would reform and conform, this would be a land of milk and honey and non-inflationary money, no bombs or vices or killing devices to end a grievance.

It would usher in an era of terrific scientific achievement, cures for all who ailed, medicines that never failed, full employment, endless enjoyment, no one expired unless they desired, longevity replaced brevity and clean water and air everywhere.

Life was sweet, the streets were neat, everybody had enough to eat and tourists were assured airplanes could not crash and airlines never lacked for cash. There was no sin. Every bet was, indeed. was guaranteed to win.

That all became a reality in the year three thousand thirty three after a war that raged endlessly and all but destroyed the insanity of something called humanity. World peace was everywhere. One government reigned and nobody ever complained. All refrained from breaking laws and there really was a Santa Clause.

A benevolent president selected for life with close relations to run the one world nation when he went on vacation or if he died, and although many tried assassination, there was no indication they could succeed because it was decreed he'd live as long as he desired. He could not be fired, his term never expired. In fact, it was suspected before he was selected he had been wired and was not real but a robot with mass appeal.

That's the story of a world at peace. If you don't like it, tell it to the police. That's what you should do. They've got laws for people like you.


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