Friday, May 19, 2006


As you drink your morning brew and read the local news you know what it's telling you, compelling you to do. You've looked around, you've scrounged around and haven't found a way to earn an honest pay because all the jobs have flown away to foreign shores for that's the way things are today.

Without work there's nothing you can do but steal or rob---isn't that a job of sorts? It makes work for cops and courts. It tips the scales, fills jails.

When all fails, all's bereft, there's nothing left but kill or be killed. If that must be, do it legally. Join the military. It endorses murder, mayhem. Be one of them. Be a hero. You kill them, they kill you.

The president who sent you there through influence was spared military servitude. That college dude, with grades of C and campus revelry, stayed safe and on the lam as lesser men killed and died in Viet Nam.

Take the job. It's steady pay 'til they put you away. Hooray for the U. S. A. Three cheers for the Red, White and Blue.


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