Monday, May 20, 2013


The older we get, the more we fret about this and that.  I remember the time I told my wife I couldn't find my favorite hat, "It's on your head," she said. just like that.

 "I can't find the pie I baked to donate to the county fair," she said in great despair.  "Get up!" I said. "By gosh, you're gonna squash it. You're sitting on it. It's right there beneath your bottom on the chair."

"Who took off my clothes last night?" I asked, turning on the bedroom light.

 "You might remember, It was I," she replied with great delight. "Your " passionate yawn turned me on. Your peck on my cheek  made me weak. Ahh, but when we did IT, that was IT!" 

"What Was IT?" I was confused.

She was amused. "Don't you recall? You squeezed me tight, turned off the light and.."

“How could I forget? It was the first time our  bodies met,  We tried,  clumsily. I feared if I had a premature manipulation it might dampen my lover’s  anticipation of satisfaction, a reaction to two who enjoy mutual physical attraction.

“We were awkward at first, but our thirst for each other convinced me we were destined to be lovers forever. We quickly  wed and went straight from the preacher  to the  bed, as court sanctioned legal husband-wife relations, and continued our nightly sexual celebration. 

“I remember, when I was  eighty two and you had just turned seventy nine. What we did was just divine. I looked at  yours,  you looked at mine Those valentines  said it all.”

“We  shared a glass of wine, undressed and went to bed, lay close together cheek to cheek, vowed our everlasting love and went to sleep, counting sheep.”

Our sex was through, but something new has taken its place. A soft embrace,  a smiling face, fond memories of the used to be that is no more, Isn’t that really  what old age is for?


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