Sunday, April 17, 2005


Is there intelligent life in outer space? Of course there is, it's everyplace. It's not that we mere mortals don't know. It's just that we don't know right now how to get there. Or where There is specifically. We're searching everywhere in the air but what we are not aware of is this: it may be right under our nose in a nearby galaxy.

What we seek may take a week, a month or many years or even centuries of discoveries. Or there are possibilities we might never uncover it after all.

There are many gods far out in space where we have never been, each a million or more light years away. That's the way the gods designed it. "Make it hard for them to find it," scoffed the gods. "Increase the odds. And maybe when or if they solve the riddle they'll have learned that you don't fiddle with or mix in another planet's politics."

You may have noticed up till now we've referred to gods in the plural. You're all overwrought by the thought that you've been sold the fantasy there is one god and He is a he. Is that the way it's always been and will always be? No, that's not so. To think that way is a sin as you will see as we reveal the real truth to you.

You see, out there in the ether there are many planets well advanced and enhanced with creatures just like us or in a transient state and thus don't yet have the intelligence they will get, but you can bet their chance will come and some will be just as smart as we on Earth claim to be.


Anonymous Anil Krishna said...

very interesting style ...enjoyed it for a while. Need to take your leave, and make, some tea and be, back with a smile...

2:25 PM  
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