Monday, June 20, 2005


It's part of the political game. It will always be the same. The president's advisors make decisions after Rose Garden revisions, Then the Commander in Grief states his indecision, followed by opposition positions. It's all chewed and reviewed by pundits in the latest editions of The Times and Post and newspapers of note from coast to coast,

When it's said and done no one takes the blame, everybody takes the credit. Comments are subject to edit. Once quotes are noted by the liars, the deniers, the pacifiers, by the users, the accusers, the weasel-word abusers, the born losers and assorted boozers they're deemed rotten and forgotten.

He said it, not me. "--- "That explanation doesn't reflect my legislation." --- "My exhortation requires an explanation." --- "I was on vacation when opponents and proponents decided to take the voters for a ride." --- "It's a sin how those on the Out and those on the IN, in their attempts to win, both pro and con, approved all these goings on." --- "I'm amused that both sides were so confused they didn't know what they were fighting for, didn't know the score and, what's more, didn't care that much about it to doubt its duplicity or how it would float with the voters of their constituency,"

So it goes, the slick rhetoric of the politic, No shame, no blame. They all claim praise as days go by. They disavow who said it, who done it. In the end both sides say they won it.Voters note: Don't dismay. Have no fear. Next year will soon be here.And after everybody has had their say, they'll wind up voting the other way.


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