Wednesday, November 30, 2005


When darkness rules the heavens all the stars will disappear, the moon will cease to glow and show the way in dead of night, the sun's fire will expire and greed and mad desire will control the precious fuels and oil will cease to burn and turn into blocks of ice. And the world will be locked into a penetrating cold.

As everything that kindles dwindles even bits of kindling wood will become worth its weight in gold. Matches will be sold at a hundred bucks a strike and there will be no guarantee that these sticks will light. Only in our sleep will we see a sun still burning bright.

The darkness that surrounds us will confound us as we stumble, bumble, grumble bumping into this and that and falling endlessly, not knowing where we're at. And the walls of blackened air will declare control of life on earth.

No longer will man see a smile, admire a style, start a fire on his barbecue, smoke a cigar, enjoy a campsite bonfire light, sing along to the strum of a lone guitar, The poet will not write about the beauty of a day in spring, a sparkling brook or anything. He will fling away his writing tools and babble endlessly, creating words that will disappear in the darkened atmosphere.

Foods we need will crumble like weed and feed for cattle we breed will disappear and cow and steer and lamb and sheep and fowl and even the wise old owl will die of cold and confusion, robbed of the illusion of day and night, dark and light, lack of sight.

Loss of light will cause distress and madness, destroy awareness and who will care less about fairness in a world where we are all alone in a crowded room of gloom, doomed by this darkness that dominates the sky?

But whatever evil force caused this change in course in outer space, a new power force is on the rise to take its place until light returns. There is one thing to keep in mind above everything. In the land of everlasting darkness the Blindman is the king.


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