Monday, December 05, 2005


The seas are the graveyards for a million men or more who said goodbye to the shore for a million reasons why. Some were suburban landlubbers in search of sun and salty air, eager to relax on tiny yachts with lots of beer and lotion to ward off the burning sun reflected off the choppy ocean.

Some were drunken sailors shanghaied by crews of creaking whalers and forced to do the labors of men at sea, whether they wanted to or not. They slept in below deck holds as hot as hell might be. They braved the waves, the wind and rain, the challenge of the sea. Unwillingly.

And there were those who chose to fight the enemy with guns of war far from home or family. They didn't know what they awaited. They didn't know they were fated to be a feast of sharks that roam the deep and creep up on their prey silently.

Airmen on a mission, loaded with ammunition, acting as judge and jury, released torpedoed fury on targeted crews below. Some died instantly. their bodies torn apart, others jumped into the sea to succumb helplessly as waves ten stories high confined them to their watery graves ten fathoms below. Some struggling to stay afloat, to defy the deadly water, drowned or were gunned down by strafers in the sky,

And there are legends without end of captains who have walked the plank and sank to the depths as crews turned on them viciously, responding to the cry of "Mutiny!"

There are tales of Mermaids who lure their prey romantically with songs of love and ecstasy. And Neptune, king of the Seven Seas, who rules over all creatures great and small.

The seas are filled with men like these, seafaring warriors declaring war on the mighty sea. those who dare to defy its mastery. A watery grave is their reward for bravery. Or did they die foolishly, unnecessarily?

Oh what fools these mortals be!


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