Saturday, December 03, 2005


History is a mystery that is hard to understand, that is impossible to comprehend. Where does this chapter end? When and where will another one begin? History is a story without beginning, without end. Does one trend blend into another? Are all men brothers born millions of years apart, but one in heart?

Civilization is but one slight occasion in the eventful tour of time. The birth of this of many worlds should have been a symphonic celebration, not a degradation of creation which it has become.

Out of deep regard for the discarded billions who never will be born and the future billions who one day will adorn this land that we abandon before our job is done there should be a rite of passing that gives hope to everyone.

It is true we have achieved more than it was believed our meager minds could have conceived. We leave a legacy of accomplishments uncompleted, of challenges defeated and mistakes too oft repeated. Will the future be expected to correct the responsibilities we neglected? If not by them by whom?


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