Thursday, December 01, 2005


If all science has projected comes true centuries sooner than expected how will those expected be affected by arrival of sure cures, new maladies and premature fatalities?

Take the sun, the moon and stars. If Sol runs out of fuel, in spite of oil and ohms to keep us cool and heat our homes, without solar in our system will we freeze to death? How we will miss 'em? Without moon's glow there'll be no place for astronauts to go on trips to stars that won't exist.

We'll find answers to curing cancer, pills to eliminate doctors bills. Over-the-counter, non-prescription medications to counter complications of nasal irritations will be sold. The common cold of yore won't be common anymore.

The heart, the liver, the leaking bladder, warts and shivers and body parts that once mattered, will be a worry of the past. At long last, surgery will heal so fast you'll wonder did you really have it? Medical checkups won't be necessary for your health but vital to the wealth of MD quacks who keep you coming back.

In reference to other inventions, did we mention oil, the foil of peace in the Middle East? That black gold will turn to mould in the ground as new fuel sources are found. Fears of future years will disappear. To our joy or sorrow. tomorrow will be here!


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