Thursday, December 01, 2005


Once there was a hurricane. Rain poured down, gale-force wind roared through the town, people died as seas sent waves as high as trees, bulldozing with all its might everything in sight. Land bereft and nothing left but heaped debris as far as the eye could see.

Tornados come, tornadoes go. How they grow, most folks don't know. They attack a house, a factory, spiral high in the sky, come twisting down, people drown, people die, buildings leveled, streets disheveled, bodies scattered, dreams no longer mattered.

Isn't it odd what God and man created is so wantonly desecrated and obliterated? What is worse of a curse? Acts of God or Acts of Man? Both destroy and kill and, it seems, neither will ever be controlled. War and nature's vagaries and vulgarities. As old as time. Both crimes against humanity. Insanity! Why say a prayer? Does God care?


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