Sunday, December 04, 2005


I wonder as thunder explodes o'er my head, will I still be frightened by its fury after I am dead? It has been said by those who earn their daily bread that when you're dead you're dead. I can't accept this precept from someone who has not been there.

I know eventually I've gotta go. In any event, it's not my intent to be Heaven-sent just to find out what death's all about. I'll remain among the innocent, content to be ignorant of what goes on after I am gone.

A baseball game must be played until the final inning. A life of sin goes on until the loser winds up winning or knows the cost and knows he's lost beyond redemption or exemption

Whether you play just for sport or to sort out the winners from the losers there comes a time when the chooser pays for his crime or beats the rap and walks away the winner.

The truth is hard to bear, Who ever said life (and death) are fair?


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