Sunday, February 05, 2006


Politicians who make promises turn believers into Doubting Thomases who lose sleep worrying about what is less deceiving and more deserving of their vote. Take note, what each is saying is donkey braying and will long be forgotten after all the votes are in. All the thundering and blundering have started me wondering why would anybody want to compete for a seat in a Congress in distress?

Why are some hell bent on being president? It's the greed and power that the hero of the hour can impose on those who chose him. They picked the wrong horse, of course.

The candidates will lie and cheat as they try to beat each other to win the post all crave the most: the presidency where they can turn the tide of history, revise and disguise democracy and fulfill their deep desires like all political liars.

Who'd want to be president, the job held by a slob who struts his stuff and rules by bluff to keep the floundering ship of state afloat? Eventually it will sink in a red ink sea of insolvency.

Unless, unless---sound the distress! The marathon will soon be on. Who will win and who will lose? This time let the people choose!


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