Friday, January 27, 2006


There's got to be something wrong with a government that keeps singing the same old sing-along song: an incompetent president can't be ejected because he's been elected/selected, laws and the Constitution be damned. Just because a candidate gets in by an act of fraud or a pact with the Supreme Being or the Supreme Court or by selling the voters short.

Why isn't it we've never sent a president to jail or tossed him out on his tail when he's failed to obey laws in a land where justice allegedly prevails?

Mayors and govs and lesser elected pols have been affected by laws aimed at those presumed untouchable. But when they got in trouble they got their just deserts where it hurts the worst, time for their crime in the slammer.

Agnew quit. Nixon quit. Both got hefty pensions out of it. But not the current 'White House twit. Seems he just won't git. What can we do about it?


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