Monday, January 16, 2006


George's "No Child Left Behind" would be a big sucess if, instead of testing the intelligence and reading skills of the school kids, he would concentrate on his own scholastic records, As a C student at Harvard he orobably didn't even know who the U, S. president was at that time was or even who the current president is, for that matter.

Leaving presidents aside--backside, that is---the students were asked to answer a multiple choice question about what kind of a club the more fortunate students would go to get their lessons: a baseball bat, tennis racquet, tennis court or country club.

The under achievers were asked to what kind of game two sister stars played in a doubles tennis game: two matches in one day, play against each other, play with two balls at once or as partners. Since I know nothing about the game I would have selected all four as the answer.

Failing the test, the students would win a booby prize--the opportunity to repeat the grade they were in at the school or apply for transfer to a higher grade school where tennis was a prerequisite to passing, Of course, they'd also have to spell the word---prewhatchyuamaycallit. And tell what it means.

My multiple choice question for Bush the Brain: (a) are you the elected president? (b) the elected president (c) the elected president or (d) none of the above?


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