Thursday, January 19, 2006


Scientists, with all their knowledge, the colleges with constant research, the church with centuries of mysteries unraveled, the traveled scholars and all the dollars and time invested still can't solve the simple riddle that is daunting and forever will leave intelligence wanting: we're here now, but how and who and why did you and I and all the creatures that walk or crawl and all the bugs and birds that fly in the sky and all the fish that fill the sea and all that was and is and will be fill the space occupied by the human race and all the creatures great and small, short and tall, black and white, and Oriental and elemental, ornamental and accidental, accidental red and green and shades between and every scene like sun and snow, wind and rain and moonlight's glow and stars like Mars and cars and wars and candy bars and booze that's sold in handy bars on every corner of the earth and words with all their variations and nations every where you go and seeds we sow and trees we grow and flowers that bloom and there's room enough for a this stuff and, who can say, even more that will come our way, like germs and worms and artificial sperms and new diseases and gentle breezes that, with wind and rain, become a deadly hurricane, and earthquakes that shake and lakes and streams and messages hidden in our dreams and all the things we think and all the liquids that we drink and and all the sweets and meats and pickled beets one day in a single wink, all that's here may disappear?

Is it probable and possible that none of this was ever here, that it was all a preview of what will appear in a TV special due next year, a creation of the imagination of the great Disney spirit and should we fear it or welcome its arrival and could it hold the secret for survival of a world that's yet to be?

You tell me.


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