Saturday, February 04, 2006


The rivers, the lakes and the streams and the oceans teem with the scum that comes from the oil drums, frying pans, garbage cans, fumes from vans, man's excrement and special events where beer is drunk and no-brainers punks plunk empty containers helter-skelter without a thought that this is not what those hell bent to protect the environment had in mind when they signed on to find a solution for all all forms of pollution.

The average Joe and Jill instead of popping pills to get high should try with all their might to end the blight in the air which could turn off the sun and turn day into night, remove the stink from the water we drink and the home of the fish we eat instead of meat and clean up the soil that is replete with all sorts of artificial nutritional additives than give the crops a mighty whop so they'll grow big but not hopped up with any more minerals than the white bread dinner rolls.

The scum scumbags dispense in our environment is so immense it could take untold years at great expense just to clean it up and allay the fears of those who care what they cram in their gut which runs through their system and comes out their butt.


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