Sunday, May 21, 2006


It has been said by experts with empty heads, and leader Bush is one of those, another several thousand dead and Bush, the Devil's friend, will rise again. So what if he is at all time new lows. All Dubya has to do win the voters back is add Iran to Afghanistan and Iraq and he's got a trifecta failure attack.

Do we love incompetent failures? Yes we do! Three cheers for the Dubya wrecking crew!

Americans must love war. It's so strange but a firing range makes heroes out of dodoes who increase our woes as politicos send more GIs to die to save the hide of one who lied to get us in the fix we're in.

Hit a a bull's eye, my oh my, give that guy a booby prize!

You recall Bush was headed for a fall when he was new and everything he tried to do to was booed by a world in a peacetime mood. Then came 9/11 followed by our unprovoked Iraq attack and his popularity as the AWOL savior of freedom and democracy made this hypocrite a hit. In time he failed at this and that and he again went flat.

But now he's in the sewer again and is willing to sacrifice more GIs to win new approval before voting time. Go ahead, George. The deaths will be on your dime,

Bush has a shattered dream that he can redeem himself. The world must deem his dream a fantasy. Or the world might end in one big mushroom cloud. Pssst! Don't say that out loud. There are lots of nuts in the crowd.


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