Saturday, June 10, 2006


I believe in perpetuity, of eternity, that life continues constantly creation after creation after creation. I don't imagine I've been here before nor will I be again. But I was somewhere similar to Earth or some unknown, unearthly place in space a million or more light years ago, filled by creatures with features most likely quite unlike our own. But all the same, creation is the only game in this well knit galactic town.

A star here, a star there, stars scattered everywhere. Moons and suns galore and who knows what else the creative forces have in store, communities and entities desirable with a reliable bible, homemade histories and mysteries waiting to to be discovered and explored by planetary pioneers with four ears and six eyes, and it's supposed, two noses, one for breathing in, another for breathing out, multiple mouths for different foods and changing moods and chanting, panting, communicating and relating tales of fact and fiction and depiction of events that defy description.

And if more mouths are required to perform unanticipated, unrelated but highly desired functions, at some future junction in
time evolution will find a solution. If not that, the Creator has a few new tricks under his hat that could be tried and applied to solve the situation.

You see, creation is a tricky biz. It ain't so much about what is as what can be. We now live in a certain way, going on day after day doing things we've always done and assuming and presuming we're doing them efficiently. Then along comes our transfer to another sphere and they tell us "That's not the way it's done here."

The bottom line: we're born, we live, we die, always asking what and why and who and when and then we're reborn and it
starts all over again.


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