Saturday, June 03, 2006


I wake up in the dead of night thinking of something I must write, tired but inspired and fired by my imagination, anxious to have a conversation with with my mind no matter how weary I may be. If I delay what I have to say the whole idea might fade way.

Inspiration is a visitation from angels floating in the air. If I wait, hesitate to state what's inside of me, it may be too late. It no longer will be there. When I was young and learned to read and write I knew this would be my plight in life. I'm a writing man and plan to write as long as I can.

Even if my creative juice runs dry I trust what I've done will provide some fun and introspection, Democratic elections and more affection for rhyme that I'm fondest of. It's what I love! To me, the most important thing of all is to bring pleasure, joy and fun to everyone and this is all within my wherewithal.

Even if I live to double zero, I don't want to be a hero. I just want to be me and share my rhyme with all who care and want to share their BLOGS with me.


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