Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Enron's gone but not forgotten but two of the most rotten ever begotten, who made a killing---Skilling and Lay---ain't going no where. no way except to jail. They'll be put away until Judgment Day, those two corporate crooks who cooked the books and played the game of Claim the Loot that superseded need.

Greed was the motivating force, of course. The looters lost and now must pay the cost. So look who's going to the hoosegow now!

But you never know just how, in the end, things will go in this White House world of cat and mouse, in an ad\ministration known for its contamination of justice and truth in and out of the voting booth.

Don't forget George Bush has the Power of the Pardon up to almost the final hour of his purloined presidency. He can, with an executive OK, wipe away the guilt of the two prisoners at the bay. Skilling and Lay, and others who played and lost the same game. It makes no sense, but Dubya, the least innocent of them all, can with a stroke of his pen, set them free to steal again. But who will repeal Dubya, the real leader of the pack?



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