Sunday, May 21, 2006


I admit, I'm obsessed and depressed by the Internet. I log on to various sites every night to learn what's going on in politics about GOP and Democrat stupidity, about incompetence and senseless violence and about a lack of common sense and more than anything, what's happening in the endless horrendous war that's going on---where else?---in Iraq.

I am constantly in search of bloody truth and this is where I find it. But but what's more shocking even than the senseless deaths is what's behind it.

Oh, I know it's about oil and raw power and our leaders' determination to devour all the nations that disagree with our misconception of democracy. How can we expect them to respect our so-called land of the free, when our president arrogantly defies the laws that were designed to protect our liberty? Makes no sense to me.

I click here and I click there and everywhere I go I grow short of breath as death stares me in the face. It's every place. Of course war's the major source of fatalities, thanks to our self-destructive mentalities, but when that will end will depend on those who pretend to embrace humanity. It's inanity.

Bush, who pushed the war down our throats, now gloats that he, the "Great Decider," will decide when it is done.

How many more sons must die to meet your satisfaction, George W., Mission Accomplished Man of Action?

Where else but on the Internet can you get a front row seat to what's going on? For, besides our war to set us free of terrorists we are witness to riots. uprisings and enterprising new ways to kill quite legally. How many more must die unnecessarily before science and technology find ways to control floods, tornadoes and hurricanes? We've got the brains and dollar bills. Let's cancel wars and spend billions finding ways to end endless tragedies.

All this is a possibility. Search RESEARCH and learn what's going on out there. All it takes is bucks and brains and time to solve the greatest crime facing man.

God, I'd like to talk to you. If you've got nothing better to do, maybe you can let us have one more try before we die. If not, please tell me why.


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