Tuesday, June 27, 2006


We attacked Iraq. That's a fact. They struck back. This also is so.. We won a few, We lost a slew. We nabbed Sadam. What did that do?

War goes on. It's more intense. We'll stay the course, of course. That makes no sense. The more we splurge the more insurgents get the urge to surge.

The more we try, the more GIs die. Why? Dubya nunno. And all the while, execution military style, defiles the fields where poppies grow row on row.

Heroes brave lie in their grave for trying to save so-called democracy -- ours or theirs? Who cares?

Ship 'em home. The live, the dead. All those who bled. And even those who made it through without a scar. There are a few.

Put George in jail behind steel bars. And throw away the key. Result: No more wars. Three Cheers for Victory!


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