Friday, June 16, 2006


One day the sun failed to shine, the moon refused to glow, I watched the stars all disappear. Where did the heavens go? I went to sleep and had a dream the world had died. When I awoke there was a sky without a single cloud. It was gray. it wasn't blue. It covered Earth like a shroud and I heard God cry out loud, "They've taken my world away from me."

Farmers wailed as crops all failed. Rivers dried. Cattle cried for water. Grass turned brown. No rain came down. All over town homes burned to the ground. Churches filled. prayed to God to end the blight, let there be light! But rumor spread that God was dead and it was said his son would rise in our time of need. But day after day all was the same, he never came. People looked around to place the blame. "Blame the devil," someone said. "He could be our salvation. We demand a confrontation."

A commission was sent to hell to see what could be done. But when they rang the bell to hell there was no answer, "We cannot wait!. Smash the gate!" roared the crowd. They did. There were devil's advocates everywhere, eating, drinking, having fun, naked dancers lolling in the sun, everyone as happy as could be, no sign of any misery.

They spied the devil on his throne, talking on the phone. A television awaited his command. He returned the receiver to the hook, opened up a small black book and said, "I've been expecting you. I just made a deal with the top gun in Washington. I agreed to turn the sun and moon back on, replace the stars that now are gone and with my magic wand, turn what happened into a nightmarish dream. I agreed to George's scheme. Hell rule the universe and split the purse with me."

With that the devil flicked on the screen. And there was Bush with ears replaced by horns and all the GOP and defenders of democracy, bowing down to the man who wore the devil's crown.

"He's our man," the devil said, turned off the TV and went bed.


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