Thursday, June 15, 2006


Will the fate of all humanity one day be ruled by the insane whim of a political hack so dim and dense and slim on common sense who will make decisions based on visions only he can see or understand?

Let's consider the history of GWB before and after 9/11, which was a gift to him from heaven. When tragedy struck it was a stroke of luck for Dubya, a failure beyond belief.

When highjacked planes rained death and terror on New York and D.C. the world overlooked each goof and error and stupidity and raised Dubya to idolatry, This man of limited attention span became the savior of the land. This man of mockery and hypocrisy, dedicated to democratize democracy, was hailed the leader of the free.

A little belated but when the U.S. retaliated it soon became our shame. We waged a war on the wrong team and dream of victory became a nightmare all our allies were forced to share. You know the facts of this gory story. So let's skip ahead to the present when this arrogant megalomaniac let incompetence go to his head and took pride in how many GIs were dead in a war we cannot win.

Dubya found a solution. In addition to Iraq he attacked the Constitution, our most sacred institution, the outgrowth of our revolution. Based on his purloined post as the most powerful, power lusting, disgusting president ever, he seeks to sever from Congress and almost every agent of government. with or without consent, their authority and transfer it to eventual presidential control. Not just for now but somehow, for generations to come.

How could We the People and members of Congress be so dumb to see it come and not do a damn about it? Now many doubt Dubya's a threat? To entrust a man who destroyed our debt, tapped our phones and puts himself above the law in a raw theft of power---what will this would-be dictator do next? How much more can we expect?

The loss of our security, the power grab achieved in obscurity, goes on and on and will until our security is all but gone. George forged the future of our lost liberty. Will it remain a stain on our democracy? Will the power greed of GWB plant a seed of one-man rule to be used by another fool just as cruel and just as dumb as Bush in days to come?


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