Thursday, June 15, 2006


I am sailing on a one-way cruise on a fatal trip aboard the ship Dictatorship in the sea of Hypocrisy without a notion where this ocean's taking me. The waves are higher than the sky and the howling winds cry out and shout menacingly that this world has seen the end of me.

I've paid my fare to Nowhereland, an island surrounded by sea and sand, without a bush or tree to shade and comfort me from the burning sun patiently awaiting me.

In the cloudless sky the vultures soar waiting for the fresh flesh they'll pluck from my bones ravenously and then return to the angry sea waiting for others soon to arrive who will not survive long after one bite of the appetite of the scavengers of the night.

Soon there will come many others, fathers and mothers, sisters and brothers, and those who lived and died alone and left only bone as evidence that they once were there.


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