Tuesday, August 15, 2006


You are entitled to your belief. If it provides relief in our troubled, befuddled war, so be it. This is just the way you are. You might be right, I might be wrong. But I must go along with me. This is how I happen to be. I must write what I think right or I would not be able to sleep at night. You must abide by what you decide is true. You must be You.

This piece I must write to shed some light between the true believers and me. I present my views respectively. I do admit at times I envy those whose faith is blind and find peace of mind I will never know, This world troubles me so, I fear where it will go if things go on and on the way they're going, showing scant regard for human life, finding joy in others' strife, and what I find most odd, both sides killing in the name of God. Where is His might to fight and smite the growing blight that embraces wrong and erases right?

Yes, I still pray but not in the traditional way. I shut my eyes and improvise a message to someone more wise than I could ever hope to be and trust that the He will hear what I will say in my head when I pray: "Please bless those who oppress me and help them find a better way by far than war to resolve the differences where we and the enemy disagree. "

It's as simple as that. Know where you're at. Be honest and at peace with your heart. It's the place to start. Good will replace evil eventually. Trust in the Powers That Be.


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