Tuesday, August 01, 2006


It's happened many times before, it's happening now, it's sure to happen again and again. When Israel and its Arab enemies go to war anti-Semites, like termites, crawl out of the woodwork and accuse the Jews of anything that will light the fuse of explosive hate that lies in wait, ready to spread their pent up bigotry.

There is the ever-present fear democracy could fall viciim to this hypocrisy. Those who love liberty and equality recall the once powerful Nazi Germany that created the hated Holocaust.

Major media concentrated on alleged atrocities and resultant deaths created by the Jewish state whose planes bombed housing where innocent victims were led, many who soon would be dead, killed instead of the terrorists also hiding there What the news neglected to report, Hezbollah used women and children as a shield, hoping Israelis would yield to spare the innocent.

This recalled earlier uprisings when Arabs placed the young in the line of fire with bricks and stones and riflemen hid behind the youths. Israelis had to repel the young to confront the armed who threatened harm to Jewish forces. What is worse in this assault, the innocent in harm's way were killed and buried in bombing debris, sacrificed to shield enemy forces from Israeli planes.

Past incidents are documented by TV news-clips of the day that showed Arab youths throwing rocks at Israeli soldiers and running away. This has long been their M. O.: Sacrifice the innocent to create hate in the hearts of the ignorant and uninformed who will buy the lie that all Israelis want to do is kill and watch the helpless die.

The same thing goes on in Lebanon when Israelis bombed a shelter they knew terrorists and innocents are equally vulnerable to violence. What else can the Israelis do? The enemy is the Israeli's prey. They put the innocents intentionally in harm's way.

The shame and blame belongs to the Hezbollah who ignored the accord of the Geneva Convention that states civilians may not be used to shield the military. They did. Their soldiers hid behind the skirts of mothers with kids. They were guilty, not the Israeli.

But the news media didn't play it that way. From reports I read, it was never said that Hezbollah broke the law. Only graphic accounts of the attack. No mention of the missing facts. Why did they portray Israelis as the bad guys? What ever happened to objectivity? Journalism's not what it once was. Only this will always be: war is the ultimate tragedy.


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