Saturday, August 19, 2006


ONE DAY my late wife and I wandered down a country lane, not talking, just listening to birds and cows and wondering would it rain. Breathing in the new-mown hay on this very special day that soon would pass away.

WE WERE walking down a New York street, wondering where to eat in this town of gourmet fare. Suddenly the air was filled with hot dogs on a grille. We stood still and breathed in the aroma and my wife said with a grin: "I'll settle for a banquet on a bun." We had so much fun. I wiped some mustard off her nose. She spilled soda on my clothes. I bought her a long-stemmed rose.

OUR FIRST kiss. I remember this. It happened unexpectedly, I saw her cross against the light. I saw a car loom out of the night. I pulled her free. She looked at me tearfully. I held her close and kissed her eyes. That moment I knew I'd fund my prize. I can' t forget those youthful tears after all those wedded years.

IT HAPPENED in the early spring. A little thing began to grow. What could it be? She looked at me tearfully. The way she did those years ago. "I know," she said. Now she is dead. I have my own tears to shed.

SO MANY memories. Children. A girl for her. a boy for me. Two we loved lovingly. Anticipations. Expectations. Graduations. Vacations. Not all went right, not all went wrong. Through it all our love grew strong. It's not gone. It all lives on. In my memory.


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