Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Technically Man is born. Not all Males become real Men. I'll make it clear if I can: A Male becomes a Man when he is grown and known for performing like a real man should.

A Man, by definition, is not a male with hairy chest, muscled arms and natura. A Real Man achieves with brain and brawn, he does not boast on and on about his prowess and his success nor does he profess that his manliness causes women to sigh "Yes!" to his well practiced professional caress. He gives and responds to tenderness and does not try to second guess a woman's weaknesses.

A true Man does not refuse to change his mind when he finds a better way to deal with day by day adversity. He does not ignore the views of those who disagree with his once rigidly held philosophy. He is not mentally blind. He keeps an open mind and invites deep-thinkers in. He does not embrace danger but will face adversity when it becomes a threat and lets tormentors rule the meek and weak. He will not turn the other cheek when insults assault the truths that he holds dear.

A real Man can cry when there is reason why. He does not lie knowingly, but admits when he was wrong and went along with views so strong that he did not weigh their worth intelligently and logically.

I have listed some of the qualities which make a male a Man, I have not insisted I am always right. I stand ready to fight when something is worth fighting for. But I will never fight just to settle a score when I know there are wiser ways to compromise.

What is your measure of a Man?


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