Saturday, April 23, 2005


We live in an age of high level crooks who cook the books not for bucks that suck but for votes that bloat the quest for greed and power that make losers of the hour quake and cower in fear and do the bidding of the sinning, winning plotters, rotten to the core, whose lone response is always "Give us more, give us more!"

They profit from the labors of their neighbors who do what they're told to do to help the victors of the fight hold onto what they've won not by right but by awesome might that haunts them in their sleep at night but what they deny when dawns the bright daylight.

By God, what they get by fraud would shame the fame of Jessie James and claims of all the rest who plied the West in quest of gold. They never thought they'd see the day when the trick of politics would make the six shooter looters lose to the computers without a shot fired to win the wealth that they desired.