Monday, April 18, 2005


I don't believe I believe, but a part of me is not so sure. I say to me in the privacy of my inner thoughts I really ought to wait and see. What am I talking about? I'm trying to find out, Is there a God or is He just an ancient fantasy, a phantom of philosophy, a myth created by theology for the likes of me who can't face reality that God, is an impossibility?

A trillion prayers are said each day to a single God at least a billion light years away and He can hear just what you say and weigh your words reflectively and answer them effectively. That's the most absurd thing I ever heard. No matter how hard He tries, God must realize even He can't be that wise to handle this job of monumental size alone. all on His own.
God guarantees satisfaction or your tithing back, not knowing how His congregation will react. The impact of the dissatisfied will hurt His holy pride. His reputation will be besmirched and He'll be banned from every church because He disappointed even those He has anointed.

To avoid a scandal He can't handle God must create a corporation of prayer OKers in every congregation to hear the pleas and please the troubled members of his flock. That way there will be less shock if God can't hear a prayer or two. He'll be
absolved. Problem solved. And if a prayer is not granted in every situation, the prayer is under consideration and the giver must take a number and wait in line for God's dispensation. It may be He is on vacation or seeking verification from a scripture he wrote and failed to note and now can't quote. In any event, praying to God is time well spent.