Saturday, April 23, 2005


Mary was given a greeting at her seating at the meeting of the eating of Champions of Chomp, a Festive of the Indigestive, those with gumption of the art of consumption who stuff their gut with God knows what and that's a lot of what you find on the menu of men who do what they do to turn their calories cuckoo askew and their cholesterol out of control as they take a deep breath and eat themselves to death.

And what happens to those who watch their weight grow from date to date with their nose in the plate and their eye on that last piece of chocolate pie?

They die from the disease of food, if you please. As their pounds increase they release all their will and just fill all the space in their tummy and their body grows gummy and flabby and they get crabby as they wait for the next meal to begin.

What a sin!