Sunday, April 24, 2005


Come along with me on Gullable's Travels to the Island of Illusion. Bid goodbye to all your conclusions and preset notions as you sail across an ocean to an unreal reality.

The first thing you'll learn as you turn into the Bay of No Return is that in spite of what Columbus found the world is not round. But then it's also not square or any shape anywhere. The truth is, the world is not here or there, it is nowhere.

Then how, you say, can your ship be in this bay with natives shouting "hip hooray!" urging you to come and stay and be their guest for ever and a day if there's no world and they and you are surrounded by the ocean blue? No confusion. This is the Island of Illusion.

The single topic in this tropic is to engage your every fantasy. So enjoy my boy! Enjoy! Enjoy! Let life become your toy. Land ahoy!

Welcome their hospitality and share the imaginary feast they've planned on land which isn't there. What's to eat can't be beat. Beef beyond belief, kosher salami, hot pastrami, cookies baked by your own mommy, yummy food to fill your tummy, Perfume floating on the breeze, Viagra growing on the trees. Take off your shoes, choose your booze. Shed those clothes, fool-a with a naked hula.

Imagination, hallucination can satisfy your frustration in this halucinary sanctuary in a sea of fantasy that defies reality. You make your own morality based on your vitality and sexuality.

What you want is what you get. You ain't seen nothin' yet. Anything goes. All's O. K. The palm trees sway. They seem to say; Stay and play another day. Don't go away!

So when you sail back to the waiting world, fraught with frustration and confusion, plan your next vacation on your secret Island of Illusion. It's calling you out in the blue somewhere in the nowhere way out there.