Saturday, April 23, 2005


Keep it green, keep it clean, keep it serene, keep it the way it's always been. Don't let the spoilers in. Let the oceans flow, the palm trees grow, the breezes blow, the land just so.

Don't change it or rearrange it. Leave the sand and nature's land where God intended it to be. No high rise, just blue skies as far as the eyes can see. Just let it be, it belongs to you and me and to all humanity.

Let even the smallest bush alone except the one in Washington. Because when all is said and done, Bush is the one we can't let be.

Nature hater, desecrater, tax debater instigator, leave the land the way you found it, don't look for sneaky ways around it, don't pass legislation that will deal devastation to God's creation. He had his reasons why he put it here in our corner of the Hemisphere. The sea and skies will survive if we just realize what they destroy could lead to our demise.

Architects and top execs can change the effects land has on the population of the nations, not just ours, the U. S. A., but every nation with which we have friendly nations and even the rest, In the final test there is no first worst or second best. When all is said and done, we all are one beneath the sun and we don't want a nuclear dump in our backyard for Donald Trump.

The sun is here, the moon is there, the stars are scattered everywhere. The seas breathe in the breeze. Will the trees that line the shore be with us ever more?

Will the sand be dredged from the land to meet the greed and need of industry? Will the air be pure or will our children have to endure the smog that clogs their young and hungry lungs?

Evolution should determine the future of the smallest vermin, even the fleas and microscopic biologic entities and stem cells, if you please, that one day might cure dread disease. And who's to say that one day garbage that we throw away might hold the clue to a better life for me and you?