Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Throughout the Bush's four years-PLUS, the Trail of Tears impeachment talk has been evident and vehement but so what! Nobody seems to give a damn. Election scam. The murder of our Uncle Sam. The sneer from ear to ear of the Great I Am. It's forge ahead with Gorgeous George into a bottomless gorge from which there's no escape.

Everybody in the know knows you can't convict the crook who wrote the book on how to lie and cheat and steal and how to beat the rap. It's just a lot of crap to think Handler Commanders can't brand a scandal on-going and going on a lie created by the "other guy" who likes to cry "that slob, he stole my job."

Everybody knows it's true, but who can prove it. Can you? With the backing of the hacks and quacks, the stab in the backs, the Holy Right, with the help of Dems who lack the knack to fight the fight, how can the Bushites lose what they've already won? What's done ain't gonna be undone!

The Rulers of the Nasty Dynasty will buy or sell, they'll deal and steal, rob the votes, distort the quotes, do anything they illegally can to keep their man in the chair till 2008 when Jeb Bush who waits patiently easily becomes this nation's next Thief of State.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So sad, but I'm afraid it's true. How depressing.


11:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Right on.

While they clain to want to spread democracy everywhere, they are slowly turning our country into a theocracy. I can't wait till he's out of there. And I hope we are too smart to vote the brother in!!

10:03 AM  

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